The first time you insert your new devices, you may notice that things seem a bit different than what you expected.

The process of adjusting to your hearing aids can take some time, but rest assured that at Sound Care Audiology, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We Offer Support

Our team will work with you during your hearing aid fitting to adjust your devices in such a way that enhances your specific daily activities. Once you step foot outside of our office, the acclimation process begins! Keep in mind that it may take your brain some time to relearn how to process the sounds you were missing, and although things may seem odd at first, you will slowly adjust to this new way of hearing.

Some of our patients prefer to gradually wear their hearing aids for longer periods of time each day, as this gentle acclimation is easier for them to work with. Others jump right in and want to wear their devices full-time in order to get the most out of their new purchase. Some hearing aids allow us to fit you at a slightly softer level than you need and automatically increase the level a fraction of a deciBel per day over several weeks. No matter which option feels right for you, the team at Sound Care Audiology will always be here to answer your questions.

After you get some experience with the hearing aids, you may find that in certain situations you aren’t hearing quite as well as you would like. It’s important for you to let us know so that we can fine-tune your devices accordingly.

Keeping Up Your Hearing Aids

Follow-up visits are a key component to your success. We encourage a couple of visits in the first month or so, to improve upon initial settings, refresh your memory on caring for the devices, review progress toward goals and to measure aided soft speech and normal conversational volume speech clarity for comparison to unaided scores.

After that, we recommend visiting our office at least twice a year for routine care. Plus, on an annual basis we will analyze the hearing aids to see if they are up to manufacturer specifications and offer you a quick automated hearing test to look for changes in your hearing. We also encourage you to come in and visit us for troubleshooting of any issues whenever needed. Stacy can help with changing domes, wax traps and tubing on a walk-in basis. She can also help with Bluetooth pairing issues.

Most retail hearing aid centers bundle the cost of providing follow-up care for the estimated 5-year life of the hearing aids into the product price. That means you pay a lot up front (for care you should but may not use). We separate out follow-up care from the product price, charging separately for important professional services during the selection, fitting and post-fitting adjustment process in the first 30 days. We offer follow-up Sound Care plans from 90 days to three years but recommend at least the one-year plan for new hearing aid users with an option to renew annually or use the “a la carte” pay-per-procedure option after that.

If you need assistance in between checkups, we may be able to help you troubleshoot product issues over the phone. If not, we can often get you in quickly. Some hearing aids now have smart phone apps that let you contact us to request settings changes. We can send changes to the app for you to upload to the hearing aids.

Just like hearing loss itself, the ease in which you adjust to your hearing aids will be different for every patient we see, and there is no “normal” method of acclimation. Remember to be patient and diligent with your new devices, and keep in mind that our experts are only a phone call away! We have been programming and adjusting hearing aids for 38 years and since digital hearing aids came into existence. We are here to make this transition as seamless as possible.


We offer help and support.